Monday, 12 May 2014

Singing in the Rain

Everybody loves the sunshine, but the rain can make things look just as beautiful...


 This is a Corkscrew Willow, with its bendy branches and twirly twigs.

This unusual bendiness gives the plant its nickname.

This is a picture of rain droplets decorating blades of grass, the blades heavy with the weight of the water.

The droplets almost seem to be balancing on the grass blades; any movement causes them to run off and tumble down to the ground.

Alchemilla Mollis leaves in the rain have so much character. Due to their almost fur-like coating, they hundreds of tiny droplets, making them look magical.

They look completely different in the rain...

These Geranium leaves - I think - stand out with their vibrant lime green colour and give a flash of colour on dull rainy days. I love how they seem to jump out of the photo.

I know this is more photo-based today and I don't have a story but I hope you appreciate how beautiful your garden is in the rain.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Geese Guards

Only a short post today!

The other day, when I was riding my bike, I came across two geese standing either side of a swan, as if guarding it. They had their heads held up high and didn't move when people came close.

Geese are known for not getting scared and they can (from time to time) be quite aggressive birds. But I had never witnessed this bizarre behaviour! I was shocked but managed to get some photos.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Dreaded Drops

Pets are prone to illness and infections, however small they may be. Luckily, most are treatable...if your pet cooperates...

This blog usually talks about wildlife but today I'll be telling you about my very stubborn cat.

Snuffy, my cat, is quite old - she is older than me (!) - and, recently, she has developed what we believe to be ear-mite. The fur on her ears is quite thin from scratching and they can irritate her from time to time.

My family decided that it was time to do something and so we purchased some ear drops that treat multiple ear infections. It was decided that I give her the drops.

The first time I tried to apply the drops, my Dad held Snuffy's head whilst I applied the drops. But Snuffy developed this clever tac-tic of crawling backwards. I tried with her standing up, but she walked about, gleeful in her success.

So I tried whilst she was asleep. I swear that cat has a sixth sense; as I was about to put the drop into her ear, she woke up, looked me in the eyes. I tipped her head, got one in. At long last!

Nope! Snuffy decided that this was a great time to shake her head and get out the ear drops.

Now, we are both more used to it and so applying the drops is a little easier. Anyone with pets will understand my pain. I urge you to tempt your pet with treats - my cat sulked when she didn't get any after her 'horrifying' experience - and keep trying!

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, 20 April 2014


Happy Easter everyone! I'm so glad its Spring! After the cold winter, flowers are starting to reappear, trees are turning green and animals wake up from hibernation.

What to look out for:
  • wild rabbits
  • bees (again)
  • tadpoles
  • chicks - be careful if you're tidying your garden so that you don't disturb nests (if a nest is disturbed, the mother often abandons her chicks).
  • any new flowers
Say goodbye to snow and say hello to Spring! Throughout Spring I will be writing more posts packed with stories and things to do. I hope you're ready!

Thanks for reading.



    Tuesday, 29 October 2013


    Autumn at last - when nature changes it's colours to golden browns and deep, rich reds. The nights are colder and it's getting darker but the world is still fascinating!

     Remember the butterfly I found laying on the ground over the Summer? The other day I found a Tortoiseshell Butterfly in my lounge! Because it is no longer Summer, I had to go down to my cellar and release it. We often have butterflies hibernating in our cellar and so I hope that this beautiful one I discovered is ok. I wasn't able to take a picture as I had to catch it with a jar to be able to ensure it's safe journey but I hope that you've enjoyed the tale nonetheless!

    A couple of weeks ago, I was riding my bike, when I say some birds on the road, pecking at something. It took me by surprise when I saw that this thing was still moving, so I stopped and went up to it. To my horror, I saw another bird, injured and in pain. I don't know why but this just hit me with a wave of emotion and I knew then that I couldn't just leave it; I couldn't let it be pecked to death. So, with some pitiful hope, I picked up the bird and ran to the side of the road. There I cradled the bird, which was shaking in pain, and then placed it on the floor, so as not to cause it any more suffering. After a few shudders, the bird just stopped moving, so suddenly that I wasn't sure at first what had happened. I moved the carcass to the edge and tucked it under some grass to give it the best dignity I could. This incident just moved me so much and, I admit, I cried. It seemed so unfair and so poignant

    When I returned home, I told the story to my Mum, though I was in tears before I'd finished. She told me that she was so proud of me and that it showed who I was. She said that I gave that bird comfort in it's last moments and that it really mattered that it died with that peace. Now, I understand that, despite my intentions, I couldn't have saved that bird, but in a way I did save it. I saved it from dying a lonely death.

    If any of you readers, wherever you are, whoever you might be, ever see any creature, or indeed human, who needs help, please help it, even if it is dying. I know this may sound weak minded and a bit pathetic, but it truly shows who you are and if you can do this, you're a special person to me!

    Thanks for reading (sorry for the dismal tale).

    Monday, 23 September 2013

    Sumtumn (not Summer, not autumn)

    I apologise; it's been ages since I last posted. And a lot has changed.

    Not only has the hot weather been exchanged for misty mornings and biting winds, but the bees and wasps and bugs that were omnipresent all summer have all disappeared and are now rarely seen. But the leaves haven't yet fallen so let's not think about winter yet!

    Instead I want to talk about the time when it's not quite autumn but not quite summer - when you go out in a jumper, not a coat, and when the leaves haven't quite fallen yet. It is during this time that the butterflies fly away and the hedgehogs ponder in.

    So keep your eyes open for the annual changes! I'm sorry that there's no story this time, but next time...


    Wednesday, 14 August 2013

    Summer - My Favourite Things

     Summer. It's nearly over! Soon, Autumn will be here and the trees will be bare, the flowers gone. So enjoy the sunshine - or the typically British rain - before the snow comes, because Winter will be here before you know it! This is just a quick post saying my favourite things about Summer.

    1. The trips away.

    Many people go abroad on their Summer holidays but I prefer to stay in England, where the views are gorgeous and the wildlife is beautiful.

    This photo is of the sea and I took it while standing on a cliff above the sea. The sky is clear and the water is blue; I think it looks fantastic. It's a great reminder of the amazing trips we've had out
    and about.

    2. The flowers.

    Many flowers only make their appearance in Summer and so I believe that you should enjoy them whilst they're here.

    This photo is of some flowers in my garden. There are many flowers at the moment, due to the weather, and this makes everything look brighter and more colourful. They're so pretty!

    3. The sunshine.

    Everything looks better when the sun is shining! All sorts of wildlife appears when it's not raining, so keep your eyes open on those hot, sunny days.

    In Britain, sunshine is rare, so when it does come, it's glorious! :)

    I would say the wildlife too, but I love the wildlife throughout the whole year, not specifically in Summer. What are your three favourite things about Summer? Please comment! Thanks! :)